Age UK Adapting your Home

A guide to adapting your home
Source: Age UK IG17 Nov 2019

Age UK Advice for Carers

Information guide on advice for carers
Source: Age UK IG13 May 2019

Age UK Avoiding Scams

Information guide on avoiding scams
Source: Age UK IG05 Jun 2019

Age UK Finding private rented accommodation

Factsheet about finding private rented accommodation
Source: Age UK FS63 Jul 2019

Age UK Healthy Living

Information guide about Maintaining a healthy body and mind
Source: Age UK IG24 Aug 2019

Age UK Help with Heating Costs

Factsheet on help with heating costs
Source: Age UK FS1 Sep 2019

Age UK Housing Options

Information guide about Different types of housing to suit your needs
Source: Age UK IG08 Jun 2019

Age UK Staying Safe

Information guide on Personal security at home and out and about
Source: Age UK IG01 Oct 2019

Age UK Staying Steady

Information guide on Keep active and reduce your risk of falling
Source: Age UK IG14 Dec 2019

Countersigning passport applications and photos

Who can countersign you passport application
Source: Directgov - Travel and passport
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