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Age UK Healthy Living

Information guide about Maintaining a healthy body and mind
Source: Age UK IG24 Aug 2019

Age UK Staying Steady

Information guide on Keep active and reduce your risk of falling
Source: Age UK IG14 Dec 2019

Age UK At home with dementia

Guide to making your home dementia friendly
Source: Age UK IG55 Jun 2019

Age UK Healthy living

Information guide on looking after yourself physically and mentally
Source: Age UK IG24 Aug 2019

Age UK Hospital discharge

Factsheet on what you should expect from staff planning for your discharge from hospital following NHS treatment in Englan
Source: Age UK FS37 Aug 2019

Age UK Bladder and bowel problems

Information guide about Common problems and how to manage them
Source: Age UK IG15 Dec 2019

Age UK Caring for someone with dementia

Information guide about Pracitcal help and emotional support for you
Source: Age UK IG47 Jun 2019

Age UK Dental Care: NHS and Private Treatment Factsheet

Factsheet about NHS & Private dental treatment
Source: Age UK FS5 May 2019

Age UK Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Factsheet

Factsheet on care or treatment for those in homes/hospitals who lack mental capacity
Source: Age UK FS62 Mar 2019

Age UK Disability equipment and home adaptations

Factsheet about the help you can get from the local authority to manage your daily life at hom
Source: Age UK FS42 Feb 2019
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