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Age UK Healthy Living

Information guide about Maintaining a healthy body and mind
Source: Age UK IG24 Aug 2019

Age UK Staying Steady

Information guide on Keep active and reduce your risk of falling
Source: Age UK IG14 Dec 2019

Age UK Hospital discharge

Factsheet on what you should expect from staff planning for your discharge from hospital following NHS treatment in Englan
Source: Age UK FS37 Aug 2019

Age UK Bladder and bowel problems

Information guide about Common problems and how to manage them
Source: Age UK IG15 Dec 2019

Age UK Dental Care: NHS and Private Treatment Factsheet

Factsheet about NHS & Private dental treatment
Source: Age UK FS5 May 2019

Age UK Help with health costs

Factsheet on NHS costs and help for those on low income
Source: Age UK FS61 Aug 2019

Age uk Living with early -stage dementia

Helpful coping strategies
Source: Age uk IG 48 2017

Age UK NHS Services

Factsheet about NHS 'primary carer services' in a non-emergency health situation
Source: Age UK FS 44 Sep 2019

Age uk Staying cool in a heatwave

looking after yourself in a heatwave
Source: Age uk IL 1 2017

Age uk Your hospital stay

What to expect when going into hospital and when you're discharged
Source: Age UK IG 07 2016
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