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Age UK Finding, Choosing and Funding a Care Home

Factsheet on finding a suitable care home
Source: Age UK FS29 Jul 2019

Age UK Care Home Checklist

Information leaflet - Things to look out for and questions to ask
Source: Age UK IL5 Aug 2019

Age UK Deprivation of Assets in Social Care Factsheet

Factsheet on deprivation of assets in social care and local authority financial assessment
Source: Age UK FS40 Sep 2019

Age uk Paying for care in a care home if you have a partner

Source: Age UK FS 39 2018

Age uk Paying for permenant residential care

Factsheet on paying for residential care
Source: Age UK FS 10 2018

Age uk Paying for temporary care in a care home

Source: Age UK FS 58 2017

Ageuk Treatment of property in the means test for permanent care home provision

Source: Age UK FS 38 2018

Intermediate Care and Reablement

explains about intermediate care and reablement
Source: Age UK FS 76 2016
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