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Action for Blind People (Part of RNIB)

Action for Blind People provides practical and emotional advice and support across England to people who are blind people or partially sighted and their friends and family.

Action has teams across the UK offer support with variety of services.

Services available in London include:

  • Living with sight loss courses
  • Technology assistance
  • Counselling and emotional support (including Talking Therapies Network - see separate entry) 
  • Employment advice for those suffering sight loss


Action House, 53 Sandgate Street, London, SE15 1LE
Area serviced:
0303 123 9999 (RNIB Helpline); 0207 635 4800 (Central Office)
Opening times:
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Who is it for:
people who are blind or partially sighted
Disabled access:

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