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Alcohol & Older People recognising the signs

This Factsheet seeks to support social workers in their
practice with older people who drink alcohol. It will
also be relevant for other social and health care
professionals. The information in the guide should be
supplemented by further reading and learning.


3 Introduction
4 Some Do’s & Don’ts
5 Older People’s Drinking
6 Consequences
7 Alcohol & Prescribed Medication
8 Positive Drinking
9 Identifying Older People’s Drinking

10 Interventions – Key Skills

11 Interventions – Effective Approaches

12 Safeguarding, Mental Capacity & Best Interests

13 Alcohol & Residential Settings

14 Carers & Alcohol

15 Resources

16 Local Contact Information

Older People – Definition

This guide recognises that later life can bring
significant changes in personal, health and social
circumstances. It acknowledges that this does not
happen at a specific age, although different services
may be organised on age-based criteria.



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Alcohol & Olderpeople recognising the signs
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Alcohol & Olderpeople recognising the signs