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St Pancras Hospital

Services provided at St Pancras Hospital and these include:

  • inpatient rehabilitation unit
  • podiatry or foot care service
  • mental health continuing care for older people
  • carers’ support service providing support for carers and family members of people with mental health problems
  • inpatient care for older people with mental health problems
  • clinical psychology services in older adult's wards
  • acute in-patient mental health care
  • day services including individual and group work for people with mental health problems
  • a crisis resolution team providing rapid assessment and support to residents of south Camden who are experiencing major mental health crisis
  • South Camden memory service for older patients with early onset of memory problems
Inpatient Unit, South Wing, 4 St. Pancras Way, London, NW1 0PE
Umbrella org:
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
020 3317 3500
Mornington Crescent (tube)