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Tyze Personal Networks

A secure online tool which aims to help people organise their care and support and stay in touch with friends, family and professionals involved in their care. It enables users to create a private community centred on one person with care needs.

The online Tyze site can be used for scheduling appointments, planning events, keeping everyone updated and storing important information.

The main functions are:

  • A shared calendar for managing visits, appointments and to set tasks
  • A message board to keep in touch, share important information and stories and planning social events.
  • Sharing photos and videos
  • Storing information in documents such as emergency contact details, shopping lists, information or advice from a professional such as a dietician or occupational therapist
  • A private vault which is an area restricted to certain people and can be used to store sensitive documents such as health records, care plans or legal documents

Note: this company is based in Canada

Who is it for:
People who need help to organise their care and support