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Women and Health

Projects & Services:

  • Holistic health centre
  • Counselling (only available to women who are registered with a GP service in the London Borough of Camden)
  • Travelling therapies (mobile practitioners)
  • Women only
  • Concessions may be available for CAM treatments for Camden residents.

You do not need to become a member to attend our range of classes and groups.


4 Carol Street, London, NW1 0HU
020 7482 2786
Opening times:
Mon-Thurs 10am-8.30pm, Fri 10am-5pm
Who is it for:
Women only - Camden residents given priority
Charges for therapies and long term counselling, on a sliding scale. Short term counselling free, funded by NHS.
Camden Town (tube) / Camden Road (London Overground)

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Subject Definitions

Counselling can be defined as a relatively short-term, interpersonal, theory-based process of helping persons who are fundamentally psychologically healthy resolve developmental and situational issues.
Your GP can refer you for counselling on the NHS.