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Henna Asian Women’s Group

Befriending service

We offer a befriending Service for Asian men and women, who are over 75 and living in London. We offer this service for six months on a weekly basis. Our aim is to reduce isolation within older, housebound ethnic minority individuals and increase their access to mainstream services.  Henna volunteers will discuss what you might want to do with them. It could be anything from:
Visiting a museum, going for a walk or coffee, taking part in a social activity or any other activity you might want to get involved with.

Who can join: To join you need to be living in any London borough, experiencing isolation and feeling lonely or finding it hard to socialise.

Valuing Carers

Henna Asian Women's Group is offering a service in London, exclusively for male and female carers who are over 65, Henna provides ongoing support alongside free monthly Meditation, Social Club and Listening & Advice Services. We offer meditation sessions for carers to promote relaxation, build internal energies & life forces helping to develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness and to promote wellbeing.

For befriending and carer activities, please contact: Manisha at or call on 020 7372 9860.

Volunteering Opportunity - Volunteer Befriender
Henna Asian Women’s Group is opening their Befriending service to all individuals that are in need for extra help within all Boroughs of London. We have opportunities for individuals to become Befriender volunteers.

Henna volunteers will pay regular weekly visits to clients and support them into taking steps to come out of the home and access different services. The Befriending service does not include shopping, cooking, cleaning the individuals home or bathing/changing the individual or their family members.

Henna provides all the necessary training for volunteers to go out and befriend. Regular on-going training is provided to support volunteers in enhancing their own skills. We are recruiting both Male and Female Volunteers. Contact the Group at Abbey Community Centre.

Abbey Community Centre , 222C Belsize Road , London , NW6 4DJ
020 7372 9860
Opening times:
Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm
Who is it for:
Women and men of south Asian origin
Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, Bengali, Gujarati
£5.00 annual fee

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Subject Definitions

Befriending services offer supportive, reliable relationships through volunteer befrienders to people with mental health problems who would otherwise be socially isolated.
Someone who looks after another, either as a job or often through family responsibilities
Volunteer for a community project. Help to improve your local area and the lives of local people by volunteering your time to work on community-based projects. Donating just a few hours each week can make a real difference within your local area.