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Age UK Camden Direct Payment Support Services

What are Direct Payments?

You can receive money from Camden Council to buy your own care services, instead of having the Council arrange them for you. The money received is referred to as a 'direct payment'.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is assessed as needing community care services. You should be able to show that you are capable of managing a direct payment, either with or without support.

The advantages of Direct Payments

Puts you, the user, in control and gives you more choice and independence.

You can choose someone you like to work for you

You can arrange with them to work at times to suit you

You can decide the priorities of the tasks they do

It gives flexibility, as you can change the hours worked, if necessary.

Who can you have work for you?

You can either use an agency or employ someone directly. Many people who opt for direct payment already know of someone who they would like to have work for them, perhaps a friend, a neighbour or a carer whom they particularly like. You can't employ someone living with you, such as a partner.

Making payments

Direct payments must be kept separate to your personal money. We can assist you to set up a ‘Pre-Paid Card Account’. Camden Council will load the money for your care onto this card and you will be able to make payments to your personal assistant/s or services on-line or by telephone. You can only use the money to meet your assessed needs.

If you do not wish to or are not able to manage the money yourself, it can be paid to a third party (suitable person) on your behalf.  This can be a family member, such as a spouse or it could be a friend. The council must agree that he/she is a suitable person to receive your direct payment for you. The card can then be in the suitable person’s name.

It is also possible for us to set up a managed payroll service for you. In this case a payroll company would receive the money on your behalf and make all the payments for you.

Money paid to those working for you must go through the tax system.

You must keep records of how you spend the money.

You should draw up a plan for emergencies.

How the Direct Payment Support Service Helps you:

We can give information and advice on how the scheme works and help you to decide wheather it's suitable for you.

We can arrange for you to talk to an existing user of the scheme.

Help you obtain a direct payment and to complete the application form.

Help you to find someone to work for you or to choose an agency.

We can assist you to make all the necessary arrangements to fulfil the terms and conditions of receiving a direct payment.

You can contact us at any time for help whilst receiving a direct payment.


Tavis House, 1 - 6 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9NA
Umbrella org:
Age UK Camden
Area serviced:
Job title:
Direct Payment Support Worker
020 7239 0400 , Information Line: 0207 837 3777
020 7383 2550
Opening times:
9.15am- 5.15pm
Who is it for:
over 65s
Disabled access:
168, 68, 59, 91
Russell Square Station (tube), King's Cross Station / Euston Station (tube and train)
Limited access by arrangement with Age UK Camden reception