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St Pancras Almshouse

St Pancras Almshouse

12 larger one bedroom flats (for couples)

29 one bedroom flats (for single people)

Guest room which is disabled-ready for residents who wants to come and stay a few nights with their relatives

Laundry and hall with library facility on site


Key criteria:

- must have a housing need

- able live live independently

- have links in Camden for 10 years or more


1 Fraser Regnart Court, Southampton Road, London, NW5 4HU
020 7485 4965
020 7485 4965
Opening times:
Office hours Mon - Fri, 10am - 2pm
Who is it for:
people 55+ with strong links to Camden and have a housing need (relationship breakup, can't afford rent, etc)
Disabled access:
wheelchair ramp
How to apply:
application form, waiting list then interview with trustees - contact above
24, 46
Chalk Farm, Belsize Pak (tube)