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St Andrew Holborn


Charity for school uniforms

We provide grants to individuals and organisations for the relife of need and for education.

There are 3 charities at St Andrew Holborn; all of these originate from 16th -18th Century bequest from wealthy members of the congregation.

These charities are:

  • The St Andrew Holborn Charity
  • The Stafford Charity
  • Bromfield Education Foundation


St Andrew Holborn, Stafford and Bromfield charities all give grants to individuals. St Andrew Holborn Charity and Stafford Charity also give annual awards to those within their area of benefit.

To qualify for a grant one has to be:
• living in the designated areas of benefit
• on a low income

*applicants for Stafford Charity must have been resident in the area for the last 3 years.


To see whether you are within our area of benefit, please see the map or check the list of streets. To find the appropriate application form.

Follow the links below for more information on our charities and how to apply for a grant:

Please go into factsheets for more information.

St Andrew Holborn Chrurch Foundation, 5 St Andrew St, London , EC4A 3AF
Contact name:
Ana Paterson,
Job title:
Grants Officer
020 7583 7394