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Age UK Camden - Nail care service

We offer simple toenail and fingernail cutting services. Our aim is to help older and disabled people to remain mobile and active.

Note: The service is not suitable for people who have certain medical conditions, such as diabetes or circulatory disorders, and for whom it may not be safe for us to cut your nails. Approval required from GP or other health professional.

9:40am - 1:00pm
Henderson Court Resource Centre
102 Fitzjohn’s Avenue
(entrance in Prince Arthur Road)
London NW3 6NS

9:40am - 1:00pm
Kentish Town Health Centre
2 Bartholomew Road
London NW5 2BX

As above
Umbrella org:
Age UK Camden
020 7794 6588
Who is it for:
Older and disabled people over 50
Disabled access:
£15 for nail cutting and mandatory nail cutting kit which costs £8.
How to apply:
approval required from GP or other health professional, call number above so approval can be sought and you can be registered for the service